Roof Maintenance

Peterson Bros. Roofing and Construction, Inc. has developed crews who are trained and dedicated to roof maintenance. Here are some ways we can make a difference when you have an emergency leak:

  • 24/7 Service – during normal business hours, your call will be handled by our Maintenance Department. After hours, your voice mail message is immediately sent to designated personnel’s cell phones and they will respond to your call within ninety minutes.
  • Warranty – if you have a roof warranty, it’s critical that the appropriate products and roofing methods are used on any repairs or else the warranty may be voided. Our personnel are fully qualified to make these repairs.
  • Reduces damage cost – repairing leaks properly and in a timely manner reduces collateral and potentially costly damages from water infiltration into the building.
  •  Reduces roof repair cost – leaks occasionally result in damage far from where the water first entered the building. Our maintenance crews are trained to detect the entry point and fix the leak the first time so return trips aren’t necessary.
  • Mechanical equipment – many ‘water leaks’ are caused by mechanical equipment. Our crews are trained to take rooftop equipment problems into consideration. Being able to identify the problem means you’ll be able to contact the appropriate trade.

Proactive Roof Maintenance Program

An out-of-sight, out-of-mind perspective is one of the primary causes for premature roofing failures. There are many things that ‘wear out’ a roof – exposure to elements, air pollutants and chemicals, structural movement, plant growth, not fixing problems promptly, forgetting about maintenance, or change in the use of the building. Implementing a proactive roof maintenance program which includes annual or bi-annual inspections will help you achieve the maximum service life from your roofing system and reduce possible damage caused by leaking roofs.

Peterson Bros. Roofing and Construction, Inc. has developed a ‘proactive roof maintenance program’ that’s very successful in reducing the number of roof leaks and maximizing the useful life of a roof. Proactive maintenance saves time, money and helps budgeting costs.

The comprehensive roof inspection includes the following:

  •     Roof plan
  •     Digital images
  •     Repair/maintenance recommendations and costs

Inspection cost:

0 – 10,000 square feet     $250.00 flat fee

10,001 – 100,000 square feet     $.02 per square foot

100,001 square feet and up     $.015 per square foot

NOTE: the inspection cost will be deducted from the cost of authorized repairs.

Alteration/Remodeling Maintenance

As an integral part of your maintenance program, Peterson Bros. Roofing and Construction, Inc. should always be involved whenever any roof top alterations or remodeling is done. Improperly added equipment or other items improperly added or removed on the roof are a common source of roofing problems and may void your roof warranty. Our maintenance personnel will ensure that the roof is made watertight to avoid costly roof leaks and use the appropriate materials and roofing methods to protect your warranty.

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